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Employee Health Insurance Benefits » COBRA: Continuation of Coverage after resignation or life change

COBRA: Continuation of Coverage after resignation or life change

What is COBRA?

COBRA is temporary group health benefits the employee and his/her family can enroll in after losing coverage through their district. Coverage period is up to 18 months and not to exceed 36 months depending on the qualifying event. Members will be offered the same benefit plan they were enrolled in prior to losing coverage.


What is the cost of COBRA?

The cost of COBRA is the same premium charged to the district for the plan that the member was enrolled in prior to losing coverage, plus a 2% administration fee for Federal COBRA and 10% administration fee for State Continuation (CalCOBRA). The administrative fee is established according to COBRA Law. The applicable premium is the cost to the plan for a period of coverage for similarly situated beneficiaries with respect to whom a qualifying event has not occurred. (See Code Section 4980B(f)(4)(A), ¶ 1620)


Who administers COBRA?

SISC will administer COBRA and CalCOBRA for district benefits offered through SISC. If the member is on Kaiser, CalCOBRA is administered by Kaiser medical plan.


Where do I make my COBRA payment?

SISC will be the recipient of your cobra payment. All details regarding premiums, due date, and address to mail payment will be within the initial COBRA letter.




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