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Inter-district Transfer Requests and Procedures

To request a change from your child's school of attendance into or out of the Lake Elsinore Unified School District, you will need an Inter-district Transfer permit from the Child Welfare and Attendance Office.

About Inter-district Attendance

Parents of students living within the boundaries of LEUSD may request an Inter-district Transfer to attend another district (BP 5117, AR 5117)California Education Code 46600 - 46611 outlines the reasons for which a transfer may be approved, and the appeal process.


Parents who reside in another school district may request an Inter-district Transfer if they would like their children to attend school in LEUSD.  This transfer request is to be completed in the home district of residence.

A. Parent completes an Inter-district transfer request application: 
Inter-district Transfers are not guaranteed and students who reside within the boundaries of LEUSD are expected to be enrolled and attending school in LEUSD while the Request is being evaluated.  While this may take up to 30 days to make a decision, we always attempt to approve or deny the request in 10 days or less.
B. If a Request is approved by LEUSD, the next step is for the receiving district to approve or deny.  The student is expected to remain, or be enrolled in LEUSD and attend school daily until the Request is approved by the receiving district.
C. If a Request is denied by LEUSD, the student is expected to remain, or be enrolled in LEUSD and attend school daily.
D. If a Request is denied to leave LEUSD, Parents may appeal this denial by writing a detailed letter outlining the specific reasons why they believe the request should be approved.  This appeal letter is to be submitted to Student Support Services.  Appeals are normally responded to within 10 business days.
  1. Parent starts the process with their home district of residence.
  2. The home district's Inter-district transfer form must be completed by the parent and approved by the district of residence. 
  3. Following home district's approval, LEUSD receives the approved form for processing from the home district OR the parent if the home district has provided them with the approved form.
  4. If the home district denies the request, parents may appeal the decision with Riverside County Office of Education.
  5. If this is a NEW Inter-District request, please provide LEUSD with a recent copy of the student's grades / transcript and a copy of their discipline record from their current school when submitting the Inter-District request to LEUSD.
    • SPECIAL ED If the student has a prior IEP, parents need to submit the current IEP with the Request.
  6. Once requests are received, the LEUSD Student Support Services Department staff will contact the principal of the requested site to determine:
    1. Space availability
    2. Recommendation for approval/denial
  7. Parent will be notified by phone, email or mail, when a decision is reached.
  1. Approvals/denials of Inter-district Transfers are made by Student Support Services Department staff and not by school administrators. Schools will not accept or process any Inter-district Transfer forms prior to approval.
  2. Approvals for choice are subject to annual renewal.
  3. All approvals are subject to space availability and students meeting attendance, behavioral and achievement expectations.
  4. Upon the recommendation of the principal, the superintendent or designee may revoke an Inter-district Transfer at any time for continued problems with attendance, behavior or academics.
  5. A student attending on an Inter-district Transfer who commits an expellable offense will be subject to revocation of the transfer permit and LEUSD will, in most cases, pursue the expulsion process. If the expulsion decision is upheld, the transfer will be revoked at that time. Even if the parent withdraws the student from the district, the district may continue to pursue the expulsion process.
  6. An Inter-district Transfer may be approved for the remainder of the year only to allow a student to complete a school year at the former school, subject to space availability.

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Board Policy 5117 regarding Inter-district Transfer permits is available in PDF format for review at the link below.