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Trustee Areas & Maps

Election by Trustee Areas

Board members are elected to office from five respective Trustee Areas in which they reside. Elections are held every four years, staggered by odd and even districts. View map showing all five Trustee Areas (see sidebar).

Terms of Office

Trustees are elected to four-year staggered terms. Officers are reorganized annually in December. Terms of office for current Trustee members and individual Trustee Area Maps (in PDF format) may be viewed or downloaded from below.
Stan Crippen
President, Trustee Area 1
Term: NOV 2014 -  NOV 2018
Susan E. Scott
Clerk, Trustee Area 2
Term: NOV 2016 - NOV 2020
Heidi Matthies Dodd
Member, Trustee Area 3
Term: NOV 2014 - NOV 2018
Juan I. Saucedo
Member, Trustee Area 4
Term: NOV 2016 - NOV 2020
Steven L. Wood
Member, Trustee Area 5
Term: NOV 2016 - NOV 2018 (see Note 2)
Note 1: Because Area 5 covers a large area, for convenient viewing, it is broken into two map sections (A & B) below.
Note 2: Trustees are elected in staggered elections every four years. Trustee Tom Thomas was elected in 2014 and passed away in June 2015, leaving a vacancy in Trustee Area 5. On November 8, 2016, Mr. Steven L. Wood was elected to serve the remaining two years of Tom Thomas’s term, which expires in November of 2018.