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Retirement Information/Medicare

Commonly asked questions:

How do I know if I qualify for retirement benefits?

Reference the Collective Bargaining Agreement per classification.

  • LETA- Health and Welfare Retirement Benefits can be found within Article 11.8, 11.9, and 11.11. 
  • CSEA-Health and Welfare Retirement Benefits can be found within Article 26.1, 26.2, and 26.3.
  • Classified/Certificated/Conf. Mgmt-Health and Welfare Retirement Benefits can be found within the Benefit Package section at the bottom of the Salary Schedule.
  • Qualifications to receive retirement benefits is based on date of birth and date of hire/service, the LESUD will contribute toward benefits based on the annual CAP.

I'm getting ready to retire, what do I need to do?

Contact the following for information:

  1. LEUSD- Personnel Department
  2. LEUSD- Safety/Risk-Benefit Department
  3. CALPERS- Classified  (888.225.7377)
  4. CALSTERS- Certificated (800.228.5453)
  5. Social Security  Administration- (800.772.1213)
If I retire during the school year and do not qualify for retirement benefits, when do my benefits end?
  • At the end of the month you retire.  Example, retirement date 9-15-21, insurance ends 9-30-21.  

How much would my monthly premium be?

  • Rates are based on classification and retirement selection.
  • The monthly premium rates are designated by type of insurance and number of dependents.
  • Monthly payments are sent to LEUSD District Office, 545 Chaney St. Lake Elsinore, CA 92530.  Attn: Safety/Risk Department. The retiree will receive an invoice for new monthly premium within the first month of retirement.

Can I keep my dependents on my plan?

  • Yes, you can continue to cover any qualified dependents on medical/dental/vision.   
  • When a child dependent turns the age of 26, they will be automatically terminated from all insurance policies.

Can I change my plans when I retire?

  • Yes, at time of retirement you may elect to change your medical plan.  If you plan on moving out of the state, PPO plans are accepted in all states, HMO/Kaiser plans are not.

When does my District benefit coverage end?

  • If you enroll in retiree medical/dental/vision/life coverage, your coverage will end when you become Medicare A&B eligible at the age of 65, the 1st of your birthday month.

Basic Medical Information


Many people have trouble navigating Medicare Enrollment requirements.  The Initial Enrollment period is starts three months before your 65th birthday month and extends for three months afterward.  Most folks are automatically enrolled in Part A (Hospital Coverage), however, Part B (Medical Insurance) requires a monthly premium and enrollment.  If you are still actively employed at the time of your 65th birthday, you and your eligible and enrolled spouse/domestic partner may delay enrollment in Part B without incurring a penalty, however, you should visit the Medicare office to defer and document all your conversations.  Once you retire, you and your eligible and enrolled spouse/domestic partner may no longer defer and have eight months to sign up for Medicare Part B before incurring a late penalty.  Contact Medicare about how and when to enroll to avoid a penalty and gap in coverage within 3 months of turning 65.

Resources and links

For free personalized Medicare counseling services: State Health Insurance Assistance Programs, or call (800) MEDICARE, or (800) 633-4227

Medicare Rights Center help line: (800) 333-4114 or online at Medicare Interactive,

Center for Medicare Advocacy:

Medicare Website for Information