Lake Elsinore Unified School District

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Glossary of Terms

Definitions from the Citizens' Oversight Committee Policy and Regulations

AB 1908

“AB 1908” means Assembly Bill 1908 of the California 2000 Legislative Session, being Chapter 44 of Statutes of 2000.


“Board” means the Governing Board of the District.

Brown Act

 "Brown Act" means the Ralph M. Brown Act, being California Government Code Sections 54950 et seq.


“District” means the Lake Elsinore Unified School District.


“Election” means each general obligation bond election conducted within the boundaries of the District (or any school facilities improvement district formed by the District) pursuant to the provisions of Proposition 39 and applicable State law.


“Law” means Article 2 of Chapter 1.5 of Part 5 of Division 1 of Title 1 of the California Education Code (being Education Code Sections 15278 et seq.) and as such may be amended from time to time.

Measure 'V'

Measure 'V' is the official bond proposition on the November 8, 2016 General Election ballot, asking voter consideration and approval of LEUSD's $105 million school bond. Measure 'V' was overwhelmingly approved by voters with a 66.74% majority.

Oversight Committee(s)

“Oversight Committee(s)” means each Lake Elsinore Unified School District Citizens’ Oversight Committee formed and appointed by the Board pursuant to the requirements of the Law and this Policy and Regulations.

Proposition 39

“Proposition 39” means Proposition 39, the smaller classes, safer schools and Financial Accountability Act (school facilities; 55% local vote; bonds, taxes; accountability requirements) as approved by the California electorate on November 7, 2000, and as such may be amended from time to time.


“State” means the State of California.