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Special Education Resources

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The  RC SELPA Community Advisory Committee for special education parents is an organization or group that works in collaboration with a school district or educational institution to ensure the effective delivery of special education services to students with disabilities. The committee typically consists of parents or guardians of children with special needs, along with educators, administrators, and other community members.


The primary purpose of the Community Advisory Committee is to provide a platform for parents to voice their concerns, share their experiences, and advocate for the needs of their children within the special education system. The committee serves as a bridge between parents and the school district, facilitating communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.


Additionally, the Community Advisory Committee often organizes workshops, training sessions, and informational events to empower parents with knowledge about special education laws, rights, and resources. These initiatives aim to enhance parent engagement and equip them with the tools necessary to actively participate in their child's education and decision-making process.


LEUSD has 5 parent representative positions who participate in the RC SELPA. 


2023-2024 Parent Representatives 

Athena Bond 

Amanda Hawkins




LEUSD Is a member of the Riverside County SELPA CAC