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Distance Learning » How Can I Monitor My Student's Progress in Canvas?

How Can I Monitor My Student's Progress in Canvas?

Observer/Parent Account Role in Canvas

Observers/Parent Accounts can view course data for their students in the Canvas system.  The main use of the observer account is to link a user to a student to keep up to date on how they are doing in their courses. Observers can be linked to a student or multiple students and view the student's data in the course. Observers cannot submit work on behalf of the students they observe, but they can see student grades, assignments and events, and course interactions (what students are doing in their courses). Observers can be linked to a single student or multiple students, so parents will have one login for all their students.


You'll need a pairing code from at least one LEUSD student, and they can access that code for you from their Canvas account:

Step 1 Get your pairing code from your student's iOS or Android Device

  1. Have your student log into their account with their LEUSD email account and their password.
    1. If it is their first time logging in to Canvas Student, they'll be prompted to Find Their School which is Lake Elsinore Unified School District (not Lake Elsinore Unified-Parents)
  2. Once logged in, tap the three line menu at the top left of the app:
  3. Go to Settings:
  4. Choose "Pair with Observer"
    1. Record this one time use code to create your Observer account.  This will link you to your student and needs to be completed only once.
  5. Once you have your pair code, you can create your Observer account on either the Canvas Parent App (iOS or Android) or the Canvas website at

Step 2 Here's how you create your Observer account (website)

  1. Navigate to
    1. On the website, click the Parent Of A Canvas Student? in the upper right:
      1. Parent
    2. When prompted, complete the form with your preferred email and password information, and enter your Student Pairing code.  You need to create this account only once.  Schedules and teachers are loaded automatically.
      1. creation
    3. From there, you'll be able to login.  You can add additional students to your observer account by going to your Observer a


More information about how to set up your Observer account can be found here.  The link you'll need that our video refers to is:

Observer Access in Canvas

Observers can

  • View and read announcements
  • View assignments index page
  • View the calendar
  • Join conferences, if invited
  • Join collaborations, if invited
  • View personal inbox (Canvas email)
  • Send conversation messages to instructor and student they are observing
  • View the dashboard
  • View and read discussions
  • View files unless they are locked
  • View grades, view assignment due dates and comments, and print grades
  • View modules and see due dates and point values for upcoming assignments
  • View profile pictures, if available
  • View syllabus
  • View outcomes
  • View quiz results (if enabled)


Observers cannot

  • Comment on announcements or discussions
  • Submit assignments or quizzes
  • View course rosters
  • Send conversation messages to students in the course they are not observing (they can send them to their own students)
  • View locked files or folders
  • Join groups
  • View unpublished courses (neither can students)
  • Access the Chat tool
  • Reserve appointment slots in the Scheduler
  • View grade audit trail
In Canvas Parent 3.3, parents and observers can link to a student by using a QR code. If needed, a new Canvas account can be created for a parent or observer directly from the app.

New Account Creation

In Canvas 3.3, parents can use the QR Login link to create a new Canvas account if one does not yet exist for them.

A parent can ask the student they want to observe to create a pairing code inside the Canvas Student app. Instructions for creating the QR code are now provided for the parent as part of the Create Account page when you open the Canvas Parent app.



Scanning the QR code provided by the student from the Student App allows the parent to create a Canvas account. 

The QR code includes a six-digit pairing code, which automatically displays within the Signup page. After all fields have been completed, an account will be created for the parent, and the paired student’s course will display in the Parent App Dashboard.