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Office 365

What is Office 365 and why are we changing the mail system?

Office 365 is a Microsoft suite of products that is being offered FREE to staff and students of K12 educational institutions. LEUSD has partnered with Microsoft to make Office 365 available to staff and students. There are many exciting new features available to staff with Office 365! Not only do we have a 50 GB (Gigabyte) mailbox but we also have unlimited cloud storage space available where we can store documents in the cloud. Documents can be shared dynamically among colleagues, and many of the Microsoft Office products can be utilized directly from your web browser even if you don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your computer (for example, from your home computer).The following link describes Office 365 for education in more detail:


Do I have to use a different name and password? Will I have a different email address?

LEUSD has integrated your computer login name and password into Office 365, so your same name and password will log you in to Office 365. Your email address will remain the same as well (ex:


Will I still be able to use Outlook on my computer?

Yes, Microsoft Outlook (Part of the Microsoft Office Suite installed on your computer) will automatically detect the new location of your mailbox and update accordingly. You will be prompted to enter your login name ( and password (same as computer, Infinite Campus and Edlio), and it is a good idea to check the box to allow the system to remember your login credentials when using Outlook.


Will I lose my current mail, calendar and the mail folders I created?

No. Your entire mailbox, including all of your folders linked below your inbox, your personal calendar, and your contacts was migrated to your new mailbox location in Office 365. 


Can I link the Group calendars to my Outlook desktop application?

Yes! Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Then launch Microsoft Internet Explorer from your computer and browse to the target calendar on your Group’s site. From the calendar’s menu near the top of the calendar select Actions, Connect to Outlook. Acknowledge the confirmation messages that appear both in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook and you will have successfully linked the Group calendar to your Microsoft Outlook calendars. Repeat this process for as many Group calendars as you like. You can view/hide the linked calendars by checking/unchecking the check boxes next to the calendars in your calendar list.


How do I log on to Outlook Web Mail through the internet?

Go to and type in your email address as your username.  Then, you just type in your password (same password as your computer, your Infinite Campus, and Edlio)


What are the message size limitations with Office 365?

The largest email message that you can send is 25 MB (Megabytes) in size. Note that message metadata is also included in this size limit so the largest attachment that you can send will be limited to something below 25 MB. This limitation is set by Microsoft and cannot be modified. The total size of your mailbox is limited to 50 GB (Gigabytes) which is quite large! This size limit is significantly larger than the size limits that LEUSD has been able to offer to users in the past (2 GB)


How much mail storage do I have now?

The total size of your mailbox is now 50 GB (Gigabytes) which is quite large! This size limit is significantly larger than the size limits that LEUSD has been able to offer to users in the past. Note that when your mailbox size draws close to the 50 GB you will not be able to send or receive email until you reduce your mailbox size. Check/empty your Sent Items folder and empty your Deleted Items folder to free space when necessary. Another good thing to do is to copy large attachments out of your mailbox and delete the message containing the large attachments.  You'll also cut  down on your mailbox size by "sharing " documents through OneDrive instead of attaching them.


I’m finding email in the Junk Mail folder that isn’t junk. What do I do?

Microsoft junk mail filters scan your incoming mail and attempt to help you filter questionable email by moving messages from your inbox to your junk mail folder. Check your junk mail folder periodically and clear out junk messages as necessary. If you find mail in the junk mail folder that should NOT be labeled as junk mail, do the following: Right click the message, and choose "Mark as Not Junk"


Is it true that my Deleted Items folder will auto-delete in 30 days?

Yes. Microsoft Office 365 is configured to clear items out of the Deleted Items folder after 30 days. DO NOT use this folder to store email that you wish to keep! You should rather create folders beneath your Inbox folder and store your saved email in those locations. Remember also that you have a huge amount of space so deleting emails you might need one day is NOT recommended.


How do I reconnect my phone to my District email?

Generally speaking, if you had been connected with the District email system before your mailbox was moved, you should be able to apply a few simple updates to your phone settings to update your mail profile. From the Email Settings on your phone, change the server name to “”. Also, if you see your login name listed in the configuration that resembles “firstname.lastname” append the login name to read as your full email address in the name box (i.e.  If you still are not able to connect to the District email, delete your current Exchange mail profile on your cell phone and start fresh with the Exchange configuration feature provided on your phone. The phone should auto-detect the server information and connect you to your new email location. As a courtesy, our Instructional Technology staff will also assist you in setting up your cell phone for District email access as time permits.


My Outlook is acting very s-l-o-w-l-y!! What can I do?

If Microsoft Outlook on your PC is dragging very slowly, check to make sure your Outlook Mail software is configured to use “Cached Exchange Mode”.

1. Close Microsoft Outlook

2. Go to Control Panel from the Start menu (If Control Panel view is set to “Category” you may need to switch to “Large Icons” – see screenshot below)

3. Locate and open the Mail item

4. Click the “E-mail Accounts…” button

5. Under the E-mail tab double-click on your email address

6. Place a check in the check-box for “Use Cached Exchange Mode”

7. Click Next, and then Finish

8. Close the settings windows and open Microsoft Outlook

You should see a message at the bottom of your Outlook window that indicates Outlook is updating various folders. Once you see the message stating that all folders are up to date you should see your email flowing much more quickly.


Do you have any basic training to get started?

There's a lot of great information and training resources on HooNuIt/Atomic Learning ( and here's a few videos to get to started.


Office 365 Basics