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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Today, billions of people all over the planet interact using various technologies. This interaction has created a digital society that affords its members opportunities for education, employment, entertainment, and social interaction.

As in any society, it is expected that digital citizens act in a certain way—according to accepted norms, rules, and laws. Most of today’s students are entirely comfortable with technology, but are they using it appropriately? Do they understand their roles and responsibilities in digital society? How can teachers help students become responsible digital citizens? What is our responsibility as teachers?


Explore the resources below to find curriculum that matches your grade level. 

For teachers (with lessons for grades K-12) CCSS and ISTE aligned.


For Administrators:


Digital Passport (Web based games!) CCSS & ISTE Aligned!! Grades 3-5


Digital Compass (Web based games) CCSS & ISTE Aligned!! Grades 6-9


DigitalBytes (Web based games) CCSS & ISTE Aligned!! Grades 9-12 


Curriculum in iBooks (iPad)


Posters for Classrooms: 

This acceptable use form was created by Lakeland Village teacher, Jason Holloway. 
The THINK Campaign was created to establish social media expectations for LEUSD students.
Check out this Cyber Responsiblity video! It's a fun and catchy way to get students thinking about making good choices when using social media. Click this link: