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Bond Measure Q & A

How are Lake Elsinore Unified School District (LEUSD) schools doing?

LEUSD has provided our community with outstanding education since the 1880’s. We are proud to have a reputation for strong student achievement, with multiple California Distinguished Schools, Blue Ribbon Schools and other renowned schools in our district. Great schools improve the quality of life in our community and protect the value of our homes.


What challenges are facing our schools?

If we want our local students to succeed in high school, college, and careers, they must be skilled in the use of today’s technologies and have a solid background in science, math, and technology. Current facilities won't support our students’ ability to build those skills. Upgrades are needed if we want our students to have the same educational opportunities as others in the region. In addition, growing enrollment has resulted in the need for additional schools to relieve existing overcrowding, and essential fire and earthquake safety upgrades are needed in older schools.


How does the District plan to address these needs?

To maintain modern schools and promote a high-quality education, on August 4, 2016, the Lake Elsinore School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved placing a bond measure on the November 8, 2016 ballot, Measure 'V' on the official ballot material.


What would the bond measure fund?

  • Classrooms, labs and equipment for career and technology education classes so students are prepared for college and in-demand jobs in fields like health sciences, engineering, technology, and skilled trades;
  • Improved student safety and campus security systems, including security fencing, security cameras, emergency communications systems, smoke detectors, fire alarms, and sprinklers;
  • The facilities and technology needed to support high quality instruction in math and science;
  • Upgrades to old, worn-out playground equipment, play fields and sports fields to meet current health and safety standards;
  • The facilities and equipment to support high quality instruction in music and the arts;
  • Improve heating, ventilation, insulation, doors, and windows to increase energy efficiency and save money;
  • Additional classrooms and schools to reduce student overcrowding and support student education for a 21st-Century learning environment.


Can the State fund upgrades to our schools?

We unfortunately cannot rely on the State to provide adequate funding for facility repairs and improvements. Local funding through a school bond measure will allow the District to construct new classrooms and make necessary repairs and improvements and help maintain strong student achievement.


Would all funds benefit LEUSD schools and remain local?

Yes. All money raised by a measure would stay local to support our students and could not be taken away by the State.


How do I know that the local funds would be spent as promised?

The measure will require a clear system of accountability, including a Citizens’ Oversight Committee and independent audits to ensure all funds are spent properly. All money raised by a measure would stay local to support our students and could not be taken away by the State. Also, bond proceeds cannot be used for salaries.


How is the independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee formed, and who selects the members?

By law, a Citizens’ Oversight Committee must be formed within 60 days after the Board enters the election results into Board minutes. It must be made up of a minimum of seven volunteer members who serve a term of two years each. Composition of the committee must include representatives from the business community, a senior organization, a taxpayer organization, a PTA member as well as a parent with children in the District. In addition, no employee, vendor or contractor of the District can be a member of the committee.


Would LEUSD's bond measure (Measure 'V') help our district qualify for state matching funds?

Yes*, the passage of Measure 'V' would make LEUSD eligible for matching state funds once they do become available. State matching funds would provide additional money to help further improve and repair our local schools.
*Proposition 51 on the California state ballot, a state wide school bond, was approved by voters on November 8, 2016. Passage of Prop 51 could replenish state matching funds. Since voters successfully approved both Measure 'V' and Proposition 51, in the near future, LEUSD may be able to apply for state matching funds for needed school projects.


How did bond Measure 'V' do on the November 8 election?

On November 8, 2016, Measure 'V' was passed by a 66.74% majority, or 15,738 total 'yes' votes. In a solid victory for local schools and present and future students, voters overwhelmingly said "yes" to LEUSD's $105 million school bond to implement cutting-edge technology and repair our local schools to support student college and career success.

revised 3-9-17