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For Parents & Guardians of HS seniors...Cal Grant Program Information Requirement

This is an important message for parents and guardians of high school seniors.

Beginning with the Class of 2016, state law requires that we send student Grade Point Averages for all 12th grade students to the California Student Aid Commission for consideration in awarding Cal Grants, funds awarded to students attending post-secondary schools.

The information provided will include the student’s name, school and Grade Point Average (GPA) only. If this information is not sent by the district, a student’s ability to access financial aid will be reduced. Until a student turns 18 years of age, only the parent/guardian may opt out of this reporting requirement for their child.

If you would like to “opt out” of this reporting requirement, we ask that you complete a form in your school’s counseling office prior to Friday, December 4th.

Please contact the school counseling office if you have questions about this student data sharing requirement, or reference the Cal Grant Program section of the 2015-16 Parent/Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook. The information is on page 27 of the handbook (English and Spanish versions). 

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