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The Child Welfare and Attendance team provides support services to students who may need additional assistance in various areas. Resources are provided for students, staff, parents and concerned persons who may notice that they or students they know may need additional guidance and/or information.

Specific programs we oversee include:
  • Expulsions and Home Suspensions
  • School Attendance Review Board (SARB)
  • Intradistrict Transfers (Student lives within LEUSD boundaries and wants to attend a different LEUSD school than the home school)
  • Inter-District Transfers (Student lives within LEUSD boundaries and would like to attend school in a different school district)
  • Student And Family Essential Resources (SAFER)
  • Homeless Youth
  • Foster Youth
  • Safe and Drug Free Schools (SDFS)
  • Liaison to the School Resource Officer Program (SRO)- Riverside Sheriff's Office.  

If you have questions about any of these programs please click on the name of the individual below for email and telephone contact information. You may also contact the Child Welfare and Attendance Department directly at 951.253.7119.   

We are no longer accepting 2017-18 Intradistrict Transfer application requests. The deadline expired January 31, 2017.