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Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year

I want to welcome teachers, staff and our administrative team to the 2017-18 school year, which promises to be the most transformative in the storied history of LEUSD. Instructional technology, facility upgrades and additions will be the hallmark of the school year. The students in LEUSD will be moving rapidly to meet the standard of every graduate being college or career ready. 


I hope you had time to spend with family and friends this summer, exploring new places while recharging your personal batteries. My wife and I found ourselves empty nesters allowing us to travel to Ireland and Scotland for the first time (hopefully, not the last).  While enjoying the culture, history and various pastimes of the United Kingdom, a great many memories were formed. I hope that your summer memories continue to bring you joy.


While some of us were able to slow down a bit this summer, many of us ramped up. Thank you to all involved in the second Summer Literacy Camp.  Our first parent/student kindergarten prep camp was a big success. To all our facilities/maintenance crews, “great job” on routine, as well as non-routine, projects across the district. 


To give you a flavor of some of the work done over the summer, the following link will take you to a slide show of various facilities projects throughout the District:


It is a great time to be in LEUSD!  I wish you all a tremendous start to what I believe will be an historic year.


Thanks for all you do!



Dr. Doug Kimberly

2017-18 Superintendent's Road Show Presentations

(files posted as they become available)