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Curriculum Advisory Council (CAC) » CAC Course Submission

CAC Course Submission

CAC Course Submission Process

Department Chair list and directions for submitting a course to CAC.

Course Submission Directions

  1. After a teacher or group of teachers has created or revised a course, those teachers will create a course outline utilizing the LEUSD Secondary Course Outline form for high school or middle school, revised in February, 2016. The course outline templates can be downloaded below.
  2. Once the course outline has been created, send it via email attachment to Brian Deis and Vickie George (High School CAC Committee Co-Chairs), Steve Behar and David Russell (Middle School CAC Committee Co-Chairs), and Laura Rusch (Secretary to the Secondary Curriculum Director).
  3. Upon receipt, the submitted course outline will be reviewed to ensure that each section is complete with all required information included. If the course outline is missing any information, it will be returned to the author to revise and resubmit.
  4. After the course submission passes the compliance review the proposed new or revised course outline will be posted in the “Pending Course Outlines” folder on the LEUSD website’s CAC page. The appropriate Department Chairs and Core Committee Co-Chairs (if applicable) will be notified and given 7 days to offer feedback.
  5. At the conclusion of the 7 days the course will be referred to either the appropriate Core Subcommittee, if there are questions/concerns, or the Middle/High School CAC Committee for approval.
  6. The Middle/High School CAC Committee Co-Chairs or Core Subcommittee Co-Chairs will schedule the course to be reviewed at their next meeting.
  7. The course author(s) may be required to attend the CAC Sub-Committee meeting for approximately 30 minutes. Substitute release time will be provided, if necessary.

HS & MS Course Templates