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Community Partnerships » Student of the Month Program

Student of the Month Program

Recognizing LEUSD students since 1996!

Honorees for February 2019 Student of the Month

FEBRUARY STUDENT OF THE MONTH: L-R front: Haley AndersonEHS; Chelsea SalinasLHS; Ashley CarlstromTCHS; not pictured: Crystal RiosKMA. Standing: Sally Myers (program founder); Mayor Natasha Johnson, City of Lake Elsinore; Spencer MassicotEHS; Ferdison CoLHS; Nicolas SaucedoTCHS; Juan Saucedo, LEUSD Trustee; Kim Joseph Cousins, LEVCC President/CEO.

Video Links

Student of the Month and Student of the Year events are recorded for airing over Spectrum Cable and FIOS TV. Below are video links to play or download from Vimeo.

Previous SOM/SOY Recognition Photos

2018 STUDENT OF THE YEAR: Seated: James Black IIIKMA; Daniel LomboyLHS; Taylor OgdenLHS; Nathan StrongTCHS; Micole MariettaTCHS; Timothy JakellEHS; Sheryl GhoubrialEHS. Standing: Sally Myers, founder; Dr. Judy White, Riverside County Superintendent of Schools; Mayor Natasha Johnson, City of Lake Elsinore; Juan Saucedo, LEUSD Trustee; Mayor Vicki Warren, City of Canyon Lake; Heidi Matthies-Dodd, LEUSD Trustee; Kim Joseph Cousins, President/CEO, LEVCC.

SEPTEMBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH: L-R seated: Kaylee ClarkeEHS; Natalie SmithLHS; Gianna SantosOHS; Kylie TulleyTCHS; Back: Jacqueline Slavin-Newberry (RCOE); Heidi Matthies-Dodd (LEUSD Trustee); Isaac ColemanEHS; Maguire ColeLHS; Kaden QuintanaTCHS; Kim Joseph Cousins (LEVCC President/CEO).
OCTOBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH: L-R seated: Annabelle Hernandez (EHS); Sofia Aguilar (LHS); Eithzy M. De La Cruz (KMA); Haley Snow (TCHS); Back: Dr. Kip Meyer (LEUSD); Cameron Ross (EHS); Brandon Butler (LHS); David Hernandez (TCHS); Kim Joseph Cousins (LEVCC President/CEO).
NOVEMBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH: L-R seated: Charlyn GhoubrialEHS; Britney NguyenLHS; Mailei RoseOHS; Ariel NelsonTCHS. Back: Sally Myers, founder; Heidi Dodd—Trustee member; Tyler LefflerEHS; Zachary AranetaLHS; Campbell McGarveyTCHS; Kim Joseph Cousins, CEO/President, LEVCC.
DECEMBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH: L-R seated: Jazmin Daniela LopezEHS; Raelene ReyesLHS; Taya OrtizKMA; Viviani BojorquezTCHS. Back: Sally Myers, SOM founder; Jordan Ehrenkranz, City of Canyon Lake; Andy Morris—EVMWD; Jose CardenasEHS; Vicente GastelumLHS; Jacob GalindoTCHS; Kim Joseph Cousins, CEO/President, LEVCC; Stan Crippen—LEUSD Board President.
JANUARY STUDENT OF THE MONTH: L-R front: Amy Tran—EHS; Hillary TranLHS; Miranda Iniguez—OHS; Arianna Abdul—TCHS; Back: Mayor Larry Greene,City of Canyon Lake; Heidi Matthies Dodd, LEUSD Board Clerk; Brandon Fuentes—EHS; Chonghao Guo—LHS; Victor Li—TCHS; Superintendent Doug Kimberly, LEUSD; Kim Joseph Cousins, LEVCC President/CEO.

About the SOM Program

Outstanding LEUSD high school seniors are honored during the Student of the Month program, under the auspices of the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce and BMW Management, which owns and manages Sizzler restaurants. Students are individually nominated by teachers and selected for their character, love of learning, leadership, community service, and perseverance.