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Student of the Month Program

Recognizing LEUSD students since 1996!

Honorees for February 11, 2020

FEBRUARY STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Seated L-R: Bridgette Williams, EHS; Kenia Banda, LHS; Brianna Martilla, TCHS. BACK: Superintendent Dr. Doug Kimberly; Kim Joseph Cousins, LEVCC CEO/President; Joseph Morabito, Councilman, City of Wildomar; Montgomery Donovan, EHS; George Fields, LHS; Curtis Anderson, KMA; Karl Andrei Dones, TCHS; Heidi Matthies Dodd, LEUSD Board President; Natasha Johnson, Member, Lake Elsinore City Council.

Video Links

Student of the Month and Student of the Year events are recorded for airing over Spectrum Cable and FIOS TV. Below are video links to play or download from Vimeo.
March 10, 2020
April 7, 2020
May 4, 2020

Previous SOM/SOY Recognition Photos

SEPTEMBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Seated L-R: Emily Bishop, EHS; Aimee Serrato, LHS; Ayanah Arbuthnot, OHS; Mirabella Smith, TCHS. BACK: Paul Irvine, EHS; Sebastian Morales, LHS; Chris Brockie, TCHS.

OCTOBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Seated L-R: Emily Grant, EHS; Cheyliegh Howard, KMA; Violet Zavodnik, LHS; Amanda Martilla, TCHS. Back: Sally Myers, Founder; Joseph Morabito, Wildomar Council member; Oscar Ramirez Castillo, EHS; Jarom Kaiser, LHS; Grant Manley, TCHS; Kim Joseph Cousins, CEO/President LEVCC.

NOVEMBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Seated L-R: Toni Aguiar, EHS; Isabel Penuelas, LHS; Kirsten Ha, TCHS; Evelin Pelayo, OHS. Standing: Dr. Kip Meyer, Assistant Superintendent SISS; Donovan Moore, EHS; Chandler Staib, LHS; Christopher Baldwin, TCHS; Heidi Dodd, LEUSD Trustee; Kim Joseph Cousins, CEO/President, LEVCC.

DECEMBER STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Seated L-R: Sydnie Chadwick-EHS; Katrina Zentgraf-LHS; Erika Garcia-KMA; Abby Siroky-TCHS. Rear: Sally Myers, Program Founder; Mayor Marsha Swanson, City of Wildomar; Kip Meyer, LEUSD Assistant Superintendent; Alberto Valencia Jr.-EHS; Dan Nguyen-LHS; Nicholas Perez-TCHS; Juan Saucedo, LEUSD Trustee Area 4; Kim Joseph Cousins, CEO/President LEVCC.
JANUARY STUDENT OF THE MONTH. Seated L-R: Yadira Morales, EHS; Maria Uytengsu, LHS; Kaitlyn Bahena, OHS; Ally Quinn, TCHS. BACK: Joseph Morabito, Councilman, City of Wildomar; Nathan Marin, EHS; ‘Wilson’ Wei Chen Chu, LHS; Peter Gibbs, TCHS; Kim Joseph Cousins, President/CEO LEVCC.

About the SOM Program

Outstanding LEUSD high school seniors are honored during the Student of the Month program, under the auspices of the Lake Elsinore Valley Chamber of Commerce and BMW Management, which owns and manages Sizzler restaurants. Students are individually nominated by teachers and selected for their character, love of learning, leadership, community service, and perseverance.