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If you cannot find the answer drop us an email with your question and we will see if we can get an answer posted here for you. Be sure to note you would like the question to be on the “ITS FAQ” page.
Q:  How do I get email on my mobile device?
A:  There are several ways depending on your device.  Generally each mobile devices has a "Settings" page.  In "Settings" find your email setup prompt/icon.  You will need the following information to fill in the blanks:
--> Email Server Type:  Exchange
--> Domain:
--> Server:
--> Username and Password:  same as your computer login, IC, etc
****NOTE:  Depending on your Android model you will need to put leusd\ before your username or type your full email address. Examples: leusd\john.doe or [email protected]
--> Enable the option for SSL
Q:  I received an email asking me to click on a link to fix my computer.  What should I do?
A:  Several Scenarios
  1. Do not click on any links in email unless you received if from someone you know and are 100% sure it is legit!
  2. Never click on links or follow instructions in an email that has generic information and/or generic signature block: things such as "Sincerely, IT Team", "Regards, Sys Admin"; generic is 100% spam!
  3. Do you even have an account with the sender?  Many times they use scare tactics "Your Visa is compromised please click here!" Which Visa?  Oh, its "Case" I don't have a "Case" account: delete! Call your credit card company, do not email or call the number they send you, look it up on the company website or your last statement (same for banks, utilities, warranty records).
  4. Do not try to "Unsubscribe" to every email that has an unsubscribe link.  If you consistently get the same email check it on the web to see if it is legit.
Q:  I read this FAQ, but already clicked a link in an email.  What should I do now?
A:  Put in a work order immediately and communicate as much information as you can when the technician arrives to assist you.  Honesty is always the best policy.
Q:  How do I access Accelerated Reader?
A: Accelerated Reader is accessible from any computer in the district with an Internet connection. Open up your browser and type http://rp. Alternatively, click the link and add it to your favorites. Nothing needs to be installed on your computer by a technician as the program runs entirely within your web browser. A user name and password are required. Contact your local “AR” representative to be set up.
Q: Sometimes when I first turn my computer on in the morning, it hangs on a screen with a black background and white text. How can this be fixed?
A: A program called Bootworks that is installed on many computers sometimes doesn’t not successfully start up. If your computer does not load up Windows and stays at this screen, restart your computer by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL or hitting the reset button on the tower. Occasionally it will hang on the same screen on multiple successive startups, so you may have to restart the computer again. If the problem occurs regularly, submit a work order and a technician will come out to assist you.
Q: What do I do if my computer no longer runs a program properly or is acting strangely?
A: Reboot (restart) your computer. Rebooting allows your computer to install and implement recent updates and patches to the operating system, as well as refreshing the policies and rules that inform your computer how it is supposed to run. While rebooting does not always correct the issue, a large number of problems are solved with a simple reboot. If this does not solve the problem, please submit a work order to technology.
Q: Is there a way to change my district password on my own?
A: Yes, but only if you are working on a Windows computer. After you have logged into a PC (not a Macintosh) with your district login, press CTRL+ALT+DEL (the same command sequence you use to log into the computer) and select the Change Password option. The computer will prompt you for your old password and your new password.
Q:  Where can I find what printers are installed on my Mac?
A: On a OS9 system most printer will show up on your desktop by default. However on OSX you can find your printers in Macintosh HD : Applications : Utilities : Print Center
Q: I am having a problem logging into my computer?
A: First check and make sure your computer is pointing to the LEUSD domain (you can find that under options on the windows logon window it should be a drop down menu). Second make sure that your cap locks is not on. Third make sure your Ethernet cable is connect. IF you are still having a problem please contact the help desk.
Q: What do I do if I am unable to access a website that is used for my professional day?
A: Please refer to the PDF above section called "NewWebFilterInfo".
Q: How do I read my email at home?
A: Open your Internet web browser to: . Log in with your full email address and password.
Q: My program icon was on my desktop, now the program is gone, how do I reinstall it?
A: Please refer to the PDF in the above section called "MissingProgramSearch"