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Use of Facilities Requests

Use of Facilities Requests and Permits

Public Requests

Per Education Code, the Lake Elsinore Unified School District recognizes that public school facilities and grounds are community resources. The use of these facilities  by community groups is authorized under the Civic Center Act, provided such use does not interfere with day to day school activities.

Online Application

The district has implemented an online facilities use system. In addition to the online reservation process, supplemental application forms may also be required.
Theater applications require additional written agreement and terms of use forms; the online application will identify any supplemental forms to be submitted by the applicant.
A 25% deposit for theater use is required following receipt of a written estimate from our theater manager.

Before Starting the Online Application Process

Before going online, please review the policies, rules, and terms below. Reading these documents prior to starting the online application will enable you to prepare and meet LEUSD's application requirements.