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Employee Health Insurance Benefits » 2022 HEALTH SCREENINGS


Health Smarts Program 2022



We are pleased to announce that the SISC Annual Health Screenings are back!!! Please see below for additional information-


This free program is available to all our employees and their families. SISC Members (employees enrolled in a medical plan with the district) and their over-18 dependents who participate will also receive participation rewards, as explained below.




What is the “Know Your Numbers” Screening Program?


Ø  The biometric screening measures your blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and other important health-risk indicators.

Ø  The screenings are provided at convenient locations in about 15 minutes.

Ø  You receive instant access to your confidential test results and an explanation. This allows you to become aware of any potential health risks and take action to minimize them.

Ø  Your results are also available online, where you can graphically track your year-to-year progress if you’ve participated in prior screening events.


Who is Eligible to Participate and Earn a Participation Award?


Ø  All employees, in a bargaining unit with SISC.  Spouses and dependent children over age 18 and covered by a SISC medical plan are eligible to participate in the health screenings.

Ø  Members who are covered by a SISC medical plan and make an appointment online for their screening will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Code.

Ø  Don’t forget to bring your SISC Insurance Card and a picture ID to the screening event.

Ø  Employees who are not enrolled on the SISC benefits at the time of the screening may still benefit from the screening but will not be eligible for an Amazon gift code award.


Additional $25 Rewards for Anthem PPO/HMO Members

  • Sign up for Vida Health and earn an additional $25.
  • With Vida, employee & eligible family members can work with a personal coach or therapist at no cost to you.
  • To get started, download the ‘Vida Health’ app from your phone’s app store or visit to learn more.



How to Make an Appointment for Health Screening at Designated Sites


Ø  Make an appointment now by clicking on

Ø  Eligible family members who would like to know their health numbers may also schedule appointments.


See ATTACHMENTS for more information