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ELD Teacher Resources

ELD Resources:
EL Grade Level Standards and Benchmark Resources
Share your best ELD lessons plans!
During your ELD trainings, you will have the opportunity to create standards based lesson plans. If you have a lesson you'd like to share with your colleagues, please submit it to Dr. Alain Guevara and it will be posted on this webpage. This is a wonderful way to collaborate and support each other. Please include the grade level and standards addressed in the lesson. You can get a copy of the Original Integrated-Designated Template by clicking on the following link!AksfHPMinXvLal_rc3CWnhRQPM0
If you need directions on how to personalize and save your doc please click on the following link!AksfHPMinXvLgURGbEgugUbZOECa
Grade TK-K
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6th-8th ELA
Grade 6th-8th Math
Grade 6th-8th Science
Grade 6th-8th Social Science
Grade 9

Imagine Learning Get TRAINING Started Video link

Imagine Learning INSTRUCTION Video link

(please email Ahmet Baskent ([email protected]) for the password)


Imagine Learning

Quick Guide and
Data Dashboard
Apps Kids Love! Check out the free apps below and consider how they may support teaching and learning. These apps are available for download on all district iPads!
ChatterKids provides students a fun way to creatively tell a story or share information! Learn more here.
Spark Video (formerly Adobe Voice) is a free storytelling app that allows students to share or summarize stories and information. Learn more here .
Story Creator is a fantastic app that allows students to become story tellers! Use this app to have students create, summarize, or retell fictional and non-fiction stories.