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CAASPP and Individual Student Score Reports

California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress

Shortly before school ended for the year, your child took part in the 2015–16 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), which includes the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments for English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics. These tests are based on California’s challenging academic standards, which include the ability to write clearly, think critically, and solve problems—the very skills needed to succeed in college and a 21st century career. These skills take time and effort to master, but our students will need them to succeed in the long run.


In our school district, we see a student’s test results as one measure of his or her academic progress. They will not be used to determine whether a student moves to the next grade. Schools can use the results to identify specific areas in which to focus more attention in the next school year, while teachers can use the results to identify and address individual student needs. We recommend that parents and/or guardians discuss the test results with their child’s teacher.


The student score report enclosed with this letter shows your child’s achievement for ELA and mathematics. Please take a few moments to review it. You’ll notice that along with an overall score for each subject, there is also information about how your child performed in different skill areas associated with ELA and mathematics. If your child tested in 2015, you’ll notice that the score report presents two years of data—for 2015 and 2016—which allows you to see your child’s progress over the last year.

Several resources are available to help you understand the CAASPP Student Score Report and interpret the results. They include:


All of the above resources are posted on the California Department of Education’s CAASPP Student Score Report Information Web page at In addition, the new Test Score Guide Web page, The information on the new Web page will help parents/guardians and students understand the overall Smarter Balanced score and the corresponding achievement level, as well as the student’s strengths and weaknesses by claim (i.e., area).